Snow Weight and Roof Collapse

The recent intense snowfall affected the entire country with Konya, Kayseri, Kahramanmaraş and Trabzon in the first place. The mass of snow that accumulated due to snowfall caused collapse on the roofs of industrial facilities which have a large surface area. Apart from the roofs, various loss and damages were caused on power transmission lines, solar power plants and wind power plants and it was detected that these were caused by the defects in design / engineering. The amount of loss reached a severe level when the direct and indirect loss, business interruption, loss of profits and liability loss etc. are taken into consideration.

The loss we recently examined has clearly shown some deficiencies, the first of which is the failure to comply with the regulation of “ Turkish Standards – Design Loads for Buildings “, accepted as the standard for the calculation of snow load. It is understood that this document issued in 1997 lost its actuality / validity due to change in structure technology with the effect of global warming. Another important issue detected meanwhile is the fact that even the standards of TS 498 were not met and the static loads calculation reports and projects are full of defects / faults. Faulty designs, intense snowfall and the lack of emergency plans caused this destruction.

The following was detected as important factors;

Defects in projects and faulty production (with defects) in the implementation of the projects (As Built Project must be examined),

Faulty choice of materials and defects in labor / workmanship,

Hidden defects / faulty production,

Cheap and unqualified materials produced as the result of cost management during manufacture,

Deficiencies in maintenance and supervision,

Wear & tear.